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Providing Peace of Mind

Our team helps those most in need.

We work in partnership with Advanced Home Health to provide healthcare services and support to individuals who face any number of social determinants of health. 


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Providing Support

Our team helps those who need support.

Our care team is composed of social workers who are able to provide specialized support to families and their loved ones. 



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Over the last six years of building and developing Advanced Home Health, it became evident that many people in our communities are not receiving the proper medical care and services they so desperately need. These individuals face social determinants of health such as living in remote locations, financial hardships, and not having access to healthcare.


My business partner, Maureen, and I have helped these families as much as possible, however, we realized there is so much more we have to do! 

There are a few occasions in our lives where we are provided an opportunity to do something beyond ourselves, something that will change people's lives for the better, and our hope is that Helen's Heroes will serve a vital role in improving the lives of patients and individuals in our local communities.


Our organization was based on my grandmother's love, to provide support, peace of mind, and guidance to my family and I when we were growing up. She was the guiding light that I needed throughout my life and I am honored to continue sharing that light to help others in our local communities.

Yours in service,


Rich Griffin, President of the Board

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Providing a Guiding Light

Our team helps those who need a guiding light to continue on. 

Our care team is composed of social workers and care providers who are able to provide specialized support to families and their loved ones when they are going through a difficult time. 


If you are able to donate your time, talents, or resources, please call: 412-710-7200 or fill out the following form.

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