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Our Meal Program

Our organization provides meal deliveries to individuals in the community, being discharged from the hospital or other acute care stay, facing social determinants of health limitations. Since the start-up of the program, we have been able to deliver over 20,000 meals! Our meal program provides weekly grocery deliveries consisting of heart-healthy, dietician-approved meals, at no cost to the patient. Our team works directly with the recipient to coordinate convenient meal delivery times.

If you have questions about our meal delivery program and our organization, please contact or 412-710-7200. 

If you feel you may qualify for the program, please complete the form below:


Our First Patient Meal was a Success!


Over the last six years, it became evident to Rich Griffin and his partner Maureen Kail, that many people in our communities are not receiving services or resources they so desperately need.  These individuals face social determinants of health such as living in remote locations, financial hardships and having limited access to healthcare, or not having enough food when arriving home from a lengthy stay in the hospital or skilled nursing home.   


This was the reason behind Helen’s Heroes, a nonprofit organization that was started in 2020 and named in honor of Rich’s grandmother. “This organization is based on my grandmother’s love, as she always provided support and guidance to my family and me growing up. She was the guiding light that I needed throughout my life, and I am honored to continue sharing that light to help others in our local communities.”  


October 2021 marked a major milestone for Helen’s Heroes, as we completed our first grocery delivery, which consisted of heart-healthy products that are also dietician approved. Tammy was grateful for being our first meal recipient. “You will affect many people in a positive way,” said Tammy, “I have lost my appetite since being home from the hospital, but this will help me get it back so I can recover quicker!”   


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